The Ricksycle is a new kind of pedal-powered transportation. It mixes together the rickshaw, the tandem bicycle and the tricycle. Two or more people can sit side by side. Either one or both can pedal. Either can steer. One person can power the Ricksycle if necessary.

The Ricksycle's aluminum frame means it's extremely light. Combine our wide range of compatible components to fit any size family or group. Connect any number of seats in just about any configuration. These features also allow your bike to grow as you need it to. The Ricksycle's three-wheeled design means complete stability. The pedal sets are independent, allowing for separate pedaling speeds, gears and rest periods. The side-by-side seating makes conversation easy, and you have a place to sit when you get where you're going.

Compact : easy to put together and take apart.

Pedaled and steered easily by one, two or more persons.

Excellent for families of all sizes.

A wide range of layout options.

Expandable as the family grows with additional bench seats.

No training or technical ability needed.

Super for seniors or disabled people.

The Ricksycle. Basic two-person version. Distributed by Holland-Hills

Ricksycle Quad Package. Easily remove the rear seats for two-person pedaling. Distributed by Holland-Hills

Bike & Basket Package. Bring a picnic, sports equipment, luggage, or whatever you want. Distributed by Holland-Hills

Disabled Rider Seat. We'll custom-build special components to let anyone with a disability ride the Ricksycle. Priced individually.