The Magnum is the perfect robotic pool cleaner for medium sized commercial or public swimming pools. It's designed to be used in swimming facilities at schools, universities, hospitals and the hotel/motel industry. This unit is fully automatic and completley self-contained. The magnum requires no special hook-up or hoses.

The magnum is engineered to clean every square centimeter of your pool. The Magnum is engineered to clean every square centimeter of your pool. The Magnum automatically changes direction in different angles with the patented Aqua Smart System. With the Qua Smart system installed, the Magnum cleans your entire pool bottom in 4 hours or less.

In addition to the 4 hour cleaning cycle, the operator can use the remote control feature of the Magnum for quick spot cleaning. With the touch of a button, this machine can be steered 360 degees in any direction.

Model: Ultrabot Magnum

Pool Length: Up to 66 ft
Volume of water filtered: 5019 gallon per hour
Floating Cable Length: 100 feet or 30 meters
Drive motor: Two - 24V DC, brushless High Speed submersible
Pump motor: 24V DC Brushless Submersible Filter: Reusable 2 Micron Large Capacity
Electrical Specifications: 115 V/60 Hz, 300W 12A - 230V/ 50 Hz, 300 W 12A voltage in water 24 Volt
Dimensions: 23.6" X 15" 10.5"
Weight (w/o cables): 28.6 lbs. or 13 Kg
Shipping Dimensions: 29" X 20.5" X 18"
Shipping Weight: 83 lb

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