TrioPure Ozone Creation:
(The Initial Strike PART 1)

O2 + TrioPure ---> 2O ( O + O ) - Energy-- in this case a simulated lightning strike (from TrioPure Technology)-- breaks the molecular oxygen bond, producing two, independent atoms of oxygen.

O + O2 ---> O3 - An oxygen atom reacts with an oxygen molecule to form ozone.

The resulting molecule of ozone is extremely unstable. It will rapidly degrade while decomposing matter. It will degrade reverting back to O2. (oxygen)

Looking at the diagram, one can see that with ozone ( O3 ), there is one stable bond between two molecules of oxygen. Then, there is a third atom of oxygen (free radical) It is this 3rd, negatively charged free radical atom of oxygen that is the key component in activated oxygen. It is what makes ozone the 2nd most powerful oxidizer in nature second only to flourine.

What does Activated Oxygen, by way of TrioPure Ozonation do?

The Disinfecting power of TrioPure Ozone kills:


When ozone comes in contact with bacteria, the ozone reacts. Kinetic energy is released, and the single "activated" atom of oxygen is liberated, destroying the cell wall of the bacteria. Activated oxygen kills pathogens 6,000 times faster than chlorine, when used in water.


Ozone eliminates viruses in a similiar manner as bacteria. Ozone breaks apart lipid molecules at sites of multiple bond configurations. Once the lipid envelope of the virus is fragmented, its DNA or RNA core cannot survive. With non-enveloped viruses, also called "naked viruses", ozone reacts with the amino acids and capsid proteins, forming protein hydroxides and protein hydroperoxides. Viruses have no defense against oxidative stress.


Fungus inhibited and destroyed by ozone include: Candida, Aspergilus, Histoplasma, Actinomycoses, and Cryptococcus.